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Estate Planning Surge: Coronavirus Creates Renewed Interest in Wills and Estate Gifts

We asked our former board member and founder of the Scolaro Law Firm, Rob Scolaro, about how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting his work as an estate-planning attorney and for his thoughts on creating and updating wills and estate plans. There have been news articles about more people getting their wills done or updated as a result of the COVID-19

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Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way to Make a Difference

By Jan Lane When the filmed version of Hamilton debuted on Disney Plus in July, it reignited interest in the widely acclaimed Broadway play about America’s “ten-dollar founding father.” Along with its resurgence in the public consciousness came a fresh set of questions about the work’s portrayal of American history and Hamilton’s legacy. It is this idea of legacy –

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Jordan, NY Resident Leaves Estate Gift to Local Charities

In Cayuga and western Onondaga counties, children will have additional reading opportunities, more stray animals will find safe shelter and happy homes and residents will enjoy a vibrant parade. All of this thanks to the new Melvin E. Brown Fund at the Central New York Community Foundation; this fund was established by its namesake, a long-time Village of Jordan resident.

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