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Cazenovia Area Community Development Association Addresses Needs of Amish, Cyclists in Signature Projects

As route 20 runs through downtown Cazenovia, the common sight of local shops and cafes is now diversified with a sprouting garden of bikes in front of the library. Across the street at Buyea’s True Value, a horse and buggy waits at a hitching rail for its Amish owners to appear with tools and supplies. The bike rack and hitching

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Cazenovia Organizations Benefit from Donor’s Grant Initiative

Cazenovia-area organizations are benefiting from a new and creative funding opportunity thanks to Community Foundation fund holder Bob Hood, who is a longtime resident and supporter of the town. “Cazenovia is blessed with several fine organizations and hundreds of caring volunteers and staff, already contributing to our community,” said Hood, “We simply wanted to offer an incentive for new initiatives

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