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Vera House Makes Big Move, Seeks Help from Community

Charlotte is a survivor of domestic and sexual violence. When she found herself in a dangerous situation with nowhere to turn, she drummed up the courage to call Vera House. Upon arrival at the shelter, she experienced warmth, compassion and comfort—feelings she hadn’t felt in years. “The night I was picked up by a Vera House staff member was terrifying

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ACR Health Provides Affirming Mental Health Services to LGBTQIA+ Youth

LGBTQIA+ youth face social stigma, discrimination and often rejection by their families. Many of their classmates are worrying about what they want for dinner, while countless LGBTQIA+ youth are worrying about where to find a place to sleep, besides on the street. Exposure to this adversity leads to physical and mental strains, seclusion, depression and even suicide. These youth then

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Reading made Sweet: Interactive Learning about Agriculture

Can you tell the difference between pure and table maple syrup? That’s the question Agricultural Subject Educator, Tess Southern, posed to a fourth-grade classroom one morning at DeRuyter Central. For many students in the room, it was the perfect time to take a break from multiplication and indulge in the sugary substance. Tiny hands shoot up to the ceiling and

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The Leadership Classroom: Celebrating 25 years of Mentoring and Leading the Future’s Grassroots Organizations

It’s the first The Leadership Classroom (TLC) class of the New Year and facilitator Hasan Stephens decides to switch things up. He finishes writing his thoughts on the whiteboard for the upcoming lesson when he turns around, adjusts his jacket and asks the class an unexpected question: what are everyone’s New Year’s resolutions – or goals – for 2019? One

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Pete’s Perspectives: Mitigating a Census Undercount in CNY

The Community Foundation is committed to using data to measure where we are and where we want to go. We foster opportunities for those that use local population data, such as staff members within nonprofits, school districts and governments, to share what they know and what they have learned about trends and issues both with each other and with the

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