Harold Bristol: Continued Family Giving

For my late wife Noni and me, philanthropy went way back. Both of my parents served as wonderful examples for lending a hand. So when Noni and I married at age 22, it was natural for us to begin giving right away. We were charitable to our church early on and later, as our careers grew, expanded our giving to additional organizations we loved within the community and the world.

Growing up, the stories my father would tell around the dinner table about the people he met made a great impression on me. He had a knack for extending the hand of friendship to others and was a wonderful role model.

My mother was an outstanding woman, from whom I learned a lot about community involvement. In the 1940s she served as a regional vice president of the League of Women Voters and completed two terms on the board of education.

Collectively, our generational giving evolved over time. In my 89th year, I decided to establish a legacy fund at the Community Foundation in order to ensure our charitable intentions continue to make progress after I am gone, through a gift that will not stop giving. Our legacies will be carried on through the fund for generations, while the impact of our giving grows beyond what we could have imagined.

If you’re interested in legacy giving, learn more here.

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