Black Philanthropy Month | Our Donors Respond | Calvin Corriders

August is Black Philanthropy Month! We asked our donors how they came to be philanthropists.
Here’s what Calvin Corriders had to say:

How did you come to be charitable? Were there influences in your life that got you started?  

I have become charitable because it’s one way for me to repay all of the generosity I have benefitted from over the years. Also, it was demonstrated in my household by my mother.

What do you want Central New York to look like in the future? How can philanthropy be a part of that change?  

CNY would look like a community that is thriving and resembles some of the most forward-moving communities in the country. We would be strong, provide excellent education, offer outstanding housing options, maintain low unemployment while offering tremendous job opportunities and enjoy safe neighborhoods.

What do you feel are the greatest needs in our community right now?

Equitable educational opportunities, stronger mental health facilities and equitable policies for our diverse population of inhabitance.

Is there a quote that sums up or has shaped how you live your life?  

There are a couple. The first is “Be the change.” Another that I subscribe to is “Do the right things when no one is looking.”

Calvin is the Regional President of Pathfinder Bank and a former board member of the Community Foundation.

Click below to learn more about the Community Foundation’s Black Equity and Excellence Fund:

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