Our Fundholders Respond: The Borer Family

We asked our donor-advised fundholders why they chose to give to the COVID-19 Community Support Fund during this crisis. Here’s what the Borer Family had to say:

What inspired you to give during this crisis?
We wanted to give back to our community and help those in need, especially those on the front lines. We had been making donations here and there to local charities, as well as in New York City (NYC). However, we really sprung into action and wanted to get involved on a larger scale when our children suggested a lemonade stand with all proceeds going directly to COVID-19 relief. They were absolutely devastated when the news came in that schools would ultimately be canceled for the rest of this year. They really wanted to turn this tough time for so many into something positive. We were proud of their generosity and caring for others. We knew this was a great teachable moment on how to get involved, give back and lend a hand to help their own communities.

We decided to do a virtual and physical ‘LemonAID’ stand to help the kids raise money. In communication with the Community Foundation, we decided we would donate all proceeds and donations, plus a matching gift, to the COVID-19 Community Support Fund. The kids did all the work and we were absolutely humbled by the generosity of family, friends and neighbors to support us and help us make a difference.

What do you feel are the greatest needs in our community right now?

Our family is incredibly grateful to all the healthcare workers for their everyday bravery and commitment as well as all essential employees working tirelessly and going home to families in need. Our kids are especially touched by their uncle’s work every day as a doctor on the frontline in NYC and all healthcare workers including neighbors and friends.

Another big “thank you” goes to the teachers struggling through this unprecedented time to provide daily, meaningful instruction. We feel this is the most unfair for the children around us. So many kids have been completely uprooted from their daily schedules and routines. Most rely on school, sports and camps for a safe, comfortable environment. With child abuse and domestic violence on the rise, we feel especially heartbroken for the innocent children who are struggling. We sincerely hope that everyone is getting the help they need.

We absolutely feel the need to support as many local, small businesses as possible during this time as we know how incredibly hard they have to work to stay afloat.

What is your hope for Central New York as we navigate this crisis?
We really hope that we will soon find balance here. It’s a scary time but we have proven to be a strong community. We think everyone has to find their own personal comfort zone and be smart by wearing masks when necessary, washing hands and keeping distance; but we also hope we can continue to spread the facts and slowly but surely see businesses reopen, reunite with families and friends, and get back to a sense of normalcy.

While this crisis has been more than challenging, what do you think we might take from it as we work through this and future crises together?
Stronger Together! We think as a community and as a nation we have certainly proven that we can take on anything when we stay strong and work together. Let’s hope we all remember this going forward: continue to spread kindness, help those in need, lend a hand, be charitable, be understanding.

We love this saying in our family: “I think when the dust settles, we will realize how very little we need, how very much we actually have and the true value of human connection.” —Unknown


The Borers are fundholders at the Community Foundation.


To learn more about the COVID-19 Community Support Fund and how the Community Foundation is helping our community, please visit our dedicated page by clicking the button below.

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