Our Fundholders Respond: The Waldman Family

We asked our donor-advised fundholders why they chose to give to the COVID-19 Community Support Fund during this crisis. Here’s what the Waldman Family had to say:


What inspired you to give during this crisis? It is a scary time and we felt an overwhelming need to help, and the CNYCF provided a great opportunity. With lots of uncertainty, we felt giving would add stability for others affected by this crisis.


What do you feel are the greatest needs in our community right now? Right now those most affected will need the basics—food and a safe place to be sheltered. In the long run, our community needs to find a safe way to reopen.


What is your hope for Central New York as we navigate this crisis? Our hope for CNY as we navigate this crisis together is that we come through with a greater sense of community. Another lofty goal would be to see a decrease in the separation between the haves and have-nots


While this crisis has been more than challenging, what do you think might take from it as we work through this and future crises together? Hoping we take away a greater appreciation for everyone, but especially essential workers—nurses, doctors, grocery and sanitation workers to name a few.


The Waldmans are fundholders at the Community Foundation and experienced family business owners. Shown in the photo are Josh (dad), Charlotte, Andrea (mom) and Emma.


To learn more about the COVID-19 Community Support Fund and how the Community Foundation is helping our community, please visit our dedicated page by clicking the button below.

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