Our Fundholders Respond: Andy Breuer

We asked our donor-advised fundholders why they chose to give to the COVID-19 Community Support Fund during this crisis. Here’s what Andy Breuer had to say:


What inspired you to give during this crisis?
“Giving Back” has always been the culture at Hueber-Breuer, so it was a natural response to give during the COVID-19 pandemic call to action. We are eternally grateful to be in a position to support the community that has helped us prosper. We understand the implications the pandemic has, and will have, on our neighbors—financially, physically, and mentally. We want to be a part of the relief effort and help make a difference.


What do you feel are the greatest needs in our community right now?
There are multiple needs. The pandemic has exposed several weaknesses in our national healthcare system, internet capacity to reach all our neighbors, our childcare and education systems, and generally a lack of a “safety net” for our most vulnerable citizens. Quality healthcare, including mental health, before, during, and after this pandemic should be a focus. Trends of virtual education and programming will continue to grow so it’s important that families and households everywhere are linked in. We need to ensure that none of our neighbors is ignored nor marginalized, and that all have access to basic needs such as good food, community resources and general support.


What is your hope for Central New York as we navigate this crisis?
It goes without saying that we need to get back to work, but the hope is we do it intelligently and with discipline. The hope is that we are learning important lessons on how best to handle a crisis and that we can be better prepared when we face challenges like this again. Our hope is that we don’t forget what we’ve learned as we continue to get through and beyond COVID-19. Our hope is that Central New York will be a stronger-knit community that builds on the values of unity and caring; that we come out of this a better version of ourselves.


While this crisis has been more than challenging, what do you think we might take from it as we work through this and future crises together?
As disinformation can easily find its way into our lives, communicating facts and objectively analyzing the metrics and data must be a routine effort. To relieve uncertainty as best as possible is key. Everyone needs to feel empowered that they are part of the solution on a united front, and that coming together paves the best path forward.


Andy Breuer, president of Hueber-Breuer Construction Company, is a fundholder and the immediate past-chair of the Community Foundation board.


To learn more about the COVID-19 Community Support Fund and how the Community Foundation is helping our community, please visit our dedicated page by clicking the button below.

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