Pulaski Fund Awards $11,649 in Grants

August 29, 2016 (Pulaski, NY) – The Greater Pulaski Community Endowment Fund recently awarded $11,649 in grants to four nonprofit organizations serving the Pulaski area.

Half-Shire Historical Society received $2,500 to purchase a new laptop computer to use for scanning photos at community events. The new equipment will allow the organization to expand its digital collection of historical photos to aid in family history research. Funding will also be used to print a backlog of digital images to be placed in archival albums.

Lions Club of Pulaski received $1,149 to purchase an awning for the Club’s food wagon. The upgrade will allow for all-weather food service during community events.

Oswego County Opportunities received $5,000 to purchase and install a Lift and Care System to help wheelchair-bound residents of its Salmon Meadow Lane home transfer in and out of their wheelchairs safely and more efficiently.

Richland Hamlet Recreation Association received $3,000 to purchase “Hamlet of Richland” and holiday banners to beautify the hamlet, bolster community pride and honor Richland’s historical identity.

The Greater Pulaski Community Endowment Fund is a union of gifts contributed by the people of the Pulaski community that makes grants to support programs and projects of importance to the area.  The Pulaski Fund is a component fund of the Central New York Community Foundation. Since its inception in 1992, the Fund has provided $290,000 in grants to benefit the Pulaski community. People can learn more about the fund and contribute at http://www.cnycf.org/Pulaski.

Established in 1927, the Community Foundation encourages local philanthropy by supporting the growth of permanent charitable endowments for the betterment of the region.  The Community Foundation is the largest charitable foundation in the region with assets of nearly $193 million. It awarded $11 million in grants last year to nonprofit organizations. Since its inception, it has invested nearly $150 million in the community. The Community Foundation serves as the steward of charitable legacies for individuals, families and businesses through the administration of more than 700 funds. The organization also serves as a civic leader, convener and sponsor of special initiatives designed to strengthen local nonprofits and address the region’s most pressing challenges.

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