It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day!

While we humans spend all day working at the Community Foundation, our canine companions feel left out. They love philanthropy, too! We couldn’t bear to see those sad puppy eyes as we left for work this morning, so we brought our dogs with us! Today, our dogs will be acting on their charitable interests alongside their humans for Take Your Dog to Work Day!

We brought dog toys, got out the lint rollers, and hid all the snacks. But don’t be deceived, our doggies will be more than just cute companions today. They’ll be put to work! After a long day of deliberation, we will raffle off the money collected from our recent Denim Fridays to one of our pet’s favorite charities. We will have a group walk, award fun superlatives (best dressed, worst behaved, etc.), and more fun activities! Follow along with the day’s activities with the hashtag #CNYCFDoggies.

doggies 2015


Hi everyone, my name is Holly. I am a purebred Labrador Retriever and I am a seeing eye dog in training. I love to go on long walks and play with my Aunt Juliet when she babysits.

Favorite Charity: the SPCA.


Single brown dog with complicated roommate situation in search of neighborhood watch partner. Likes medium-length walks, long naps in hammocks, and cuddling. Inter-species relationships not a problem. Must love bacon.

Hooch loves Wanderers’ Rest, as that is where he stayed until he came to us.


I love this picture of me having fun and swimming in the lake. At almost 14 years old, my age may be catching up with me, but that cool water is good for my old bones and makes me feel like a puppy again.

My herding instincts lead me to choose American Farmland Trust as my charity of choice. I feel strongly about preserving my cultural heritage! American Farmland Trust is the only national conservation organization dedicated to protecting farmland, promoting sound farming practices, and keeping farmers on the land. Farmers on the land = corgis on the land, and you can’t have too much of that!


My name is Lucy and I am a tri-color beagle. I am 6 years old and my favorite activities include chasing my sister around the yard, swatting at the food bin to remind mom to feed us, and sneaking up onto the couch. I am very affectionate, enjoy long walks, and am tall enough to steal bacon off the counter when no one’s looking. I am a master-level snuggler and will do just about anything for a belly rub.

Favorite Charity: Helping Hounds


My name is Marcy. I am 4 years old and a lemon beagle, which means I only have two colors – white and tan. Unless I’ve been rolling in smelly stuff in the back yard, then I am a tri-color beagle. I enjoy teasing my sister, stealing laundry (both clean and dirty items), hoarding chew toys, and punching larger dogs in the face. My talents include, but are not limited to: breaking into the refrigerator, breaking into the trash can, breaking into cupboards, and destroying shoes.

Favorite Charity: Helping Hounds


My name is Riley and I am going to be 11 years old in July. That is equal to 77 years for you poor humans. While my bones are getting creaky and everyone comments on my white facial hair (which is a little rude, if you ask me), I am still a happy pup who enjoys life as much as he can even if they keep telling me I have to slow down more now. My favorite time of year is summer, when my parents take me up to the lake almost every weekend. There I can roam free and get into all sorts of trouble until I get exhausted. Just last weekend I met this fascinating creature I have never seen before in the woods – he was sporting this stylish-looking spiked hair that didn’t even need any gel to make it stand up on end! But when I walked over top of him he jabbed my tummy with some needles! Thankfully I was a tough sport and acted like nothing was wrong until my parents happened to find them buried in all my fur. Now that I’m an old man, I’m not sure if I’ll have the stamina to come to work with mommy this year so if I don’t get to see you, know that I am still wagging my tail and giving my best “golden smile” from the comfort of my couch. (I let the humans use it from time to time ’cause I’m such a nice guy.)

Favorite Charity: Clear Path for Veterans Dogs2Vets Program


Casey is a 9-year old terrier mix, rescued from a shelter in Pennsylvania.  His likes include hiking, eating bits of whatever his mom is chopping up in the kitchen, napping on the big bed, and frolicking in the snow.  Car rides are his favorite though. His dislikes include school buses, doorbells, and not being able to personally greet every dog and/or person that walks by his house. Casey is known to be a runner, so going off the leash is never an option.  He has earned quite a reputation for being the most social dog in his neighborhood.  But after a long day of lots of activity, he and his humans enjoy serious cuddle time throughout their slumber.

Favorite Charity: Pet Partners of Syracuse


My humans call me Sully for short. I am a high energy, fun loving, Frisbee fetching, (wo)man’s best friend. I spend most of my time hanging with my best dog friend, Bones. I like to take walks and play in the water. I don’t think my mom will bring me in for bring your dog to work day – she is afraid I will jump on someone and scare them. She keeps telling me I am a 110lb lap dog – and some people may not want me to ‘love’ them. But I say ‘look at my face – how can you not love me’.

Favorite Charity: Wanderers’ Rest (that is where my humans got my best buddy Bones)


I got my name because when my humans rescued me you could count my ribs, I was so skinny. Thankfully my mom has plumped me up. I am nervous a lot and get anxiety when there are thunderstorms, lawn mowing, loud sounds, honestly pretty much everything makes me nervous. But I love my family, especially my human brothers. I spend a lot of time playing with Sully – but he has a lot more energy than me (I am 9 and he is 3). My idea of a perfect day is lying on my couch with one of my humans chewing on a chew toy.

I can’t come to bring your dog to work day, because it will make me (and my mom) too anxious.  But I know it will be fun and I can’t wait to smell my mom when she gets home. I know she will pet and love all the other dogs that will be at the office.

Favorite Charity: Wanderers’ Rest (they found my parents for me and I owe them something)

 cats 2015

Of course we couldn’t leave out the cats of CNYCF!

Jack and Seamus Hurley

Jack (12 years old) and Seamus (10 years old) are best buds.  While they were both rescued as kittens from different places, they have become the best of friends.  Jack loves attention, chewing plastic bags, and chasing toys.  Seamus is much more low-key and enjoys laying on people’s chests, bird watching, and sitting on the window sill.  These two cuddle mates can usually be found together, either on their favorite chair, sitting in front of the screen door, or on their brother’s bed.

Favorite Charity: Pet Partners of Syracuse


I know I am not a dog, but since I am a cat we all know this is really about me. My day is spent hanging out in my mom’s garden and annoying Sully and Bones. I get to go outside of the fenced area and this makes them b ark constantly! I am 99.9% sure I am my mom’s favorite because she feeds my whenever I want.

Favorite Charity: Food Bank of CNY (no human or animal should ever go hungry)

Kopa G. Lane

Like most polydactyl cats, Kopa loves to show off his extra toes. His daily pursuits include trapping things with his giant paws, scratching furniture, jumping long distances, bird-watching, assisting with typing and crafting projects, and being all-around adorable.

Traits: Curious and colorful

Favorite Author: Hemingway

Favorite Charity: CNY Cat Coalition

*Photo taken by Jamie Lee. 

Claude B. Lane

An emerging foodie, Claude’s tastes are simple yet refined. When not indulging his discerning palette, he enjoys a life of quiet contemplation and meditation (a.k.a. napping). In between meals and naps, Claude is working on dictating his first philosophical text entitled Silence Meows.

Fun Fact: Never met a Friskies® paté he didn’t like

Favorite Charity: Food Bank of CNY

*Photo taken by Jamie Lee. 

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