Vocational Rehabilitation Fund Now Accepting Grant Applications

The Allen Speiser Memorial Fund for Vocational Rehabilitation is accepting grant applications from programs that promote the placement and retention of employees with disabilities in the workforce. The application deadline is March 6, 2015. Eligibility is limited to 501(c)(3) nonprofit, human service organizations that serve people with disabilities in Onondaga, Madison, Oswego, Cortland or Cayuga Counties.

The Speiser Fund generally provides grants of up to $2,000 to agencies that support education and employment opportunities for people with disabilities and raise awareness of the employment potential of people with disabilities.  However, collaborative and/or innovative projects may exceed a $2,000 request.

Programs that address job placement and retention through one or more of the following methods will be considered:

  • Training for auxiliary personnel – training or technical assistance for professionals, employers, or other individuals who provide workplace oriented services to individuals with disabilities.
  • Equipment and assistive technology – any items or pieces of equipment that will be used to enhance functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities in the workplace.
  • Materials for building and enhancing job readiness– materials that professionals or employers can use to enhance the employability skills of individuals with disabilities.
  • Work supports promoting job accommodation – may include assistance preparing for work, getting to and from work, meeting personal needs in the workplace, and performing job functions.

Visit our Speiser Fund page for guidelines and an application form. Questions may be directed to Danielle Hurley at (315) 883-5554 or DHurley@cnycf.org.

Formerly the C.I.G.S. Foundation, the Allen Speiser Memorial Vocational Rehabilitation Fund was established in 2001. The Fund offers grants to support special projects, make new investments, provide additional staff training – filling in the gaps that aren’t covered by government sources or other private funding. Vocational rehabilitation is the process of assisting people with any disabling condition to acquire the social, educational and work skills that will lead to employment.

The Speiser Fund is a component fund of the Central New York Community Foundation. For more information, visit www.cnycf.org.

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