Skaneateles Library launches goLibrary book locker at Skaneateles YMCA

This week was an exciting one for the residents of Skaneateles. On January 17th, the Skaneateles community gathered for a ribbon cutting celebrating the launch of its newgoLibrary system. This cutting edge technology installed at the Skaneateles YMCA offers Skaneateles Library patrons centrally located option for checking out and returning library books.

GoLibrary openingWith no designated parking lot at the Library, visitors face limited parking options when they want to visit the location to check out or drop off books. This problem increases exponentially during busy tourist seasons.

“While our downtown location is convenient for walkers and some village residents, the lack of parking is a serious barrier for seniors, families with children, people with mobility issues, town residents or anyone who must drive into or around the village,” said Library Director Nickie Marquis. “The new kiosk provides essential library services to our patrons in a place they already heavily use that can offer ample parking, easy access to the building and extended open hours to easily return materials anytime.”

GoLibrary locker and kiosk

With the help of a Community Foundation grant, the Skaneateles Library installed a book locker and download station in the YMCA. The kiosk provides access to the online catalog of materials held by Onondaga County Public Libraries (OCPL), giving patrons the ability to request materials to be delivered to the YMCA or the library, whichever is most convenient. The station features a touchscreen display as well as a keyboard and mouse, making it easy to use regardless of technological comfort level.

Skaneateles community members will be some of the first patrons in Onondaga County to experience this innovative library system.

“Since the installation of the kiosk last week, we have seen a lot of excitement from people who’ve been in and out of the Y, our visitors who are learning about the service, and from the larger library community,” said Marquis. “Other libraries in the Onondaga County Public Library (OCPL) system are watching to see how things go with us and viewing this as a kind of pilot program –to see how they may be able to implement something similar in their own communities.”

The library plans to deliver books available for check-out to the YMCA every weekday by 4 PM. When materials are ready for pick-up, anyone who has checked out a book using the kiosk will be notified either by phone or email and have 5 days from the date of the notification to retrieve their items.

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