DoVES Fund Delivers Donations to Chadwick Residence

Each year, the members of the Domestic Violence Endowment & Support (DoVES) Fund survey the needs of domestic violence organizations and choose local programs to monetarily support. This year, they decided to do even more by collectively donating new and barely worn slacks, blazers, skirts, and blouses to the Chadwick Residence shelter. More than a dozen garment bags and large shopping bags of much-needed professional attire were delivered to appreciative staff at the Residence last week. This effort will assist its residents in reestablishing themselves as self-sufficient individuals ready to re-enter their communities and inspire others.

“The women are going to be so excited to see these clothes” said Chadwick Residence employee Anne Gannon. “Things like this are a big help, and the support means a lot to them.”

Chadwick Residence provides women and children who are victims of domestic violence with safe, affordable housing and the opportunity to improve their lives as they prepare to re-enter the community.  Something that sets Chadwick Residence apart from regular shelters is that it provides transitional housing for up to two years. This longer time frame allows women at the shelter to obtain permanent housing and pursue an education.

The DoVES Committee came together after the idea was inspired by Jeanne Lawler. Jeanne researched community needs that her family’s foundation could support and one really resonated with her – domestic violence. She began to recruit friends and asked them to join her in forming a giving circle to support domestic violence organizations. Soon those friends asked others to join and successfully cultivated the group to nearly 60 members and growing. The committee then established the Domestic Violence Endowment & Support (DoVES) Fund to ensure that the group’s community impact is always available to support the needs of domestic violence organizations.

You can learn more and donate to the DoVES Fund at

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