Online Grant Application Now Available!

Organizations may now submit applications using this new feature.

newsmallWe are excited to announce that organizations applying for an upcoming Community Grant have the option to utilize our new online grant application system to submit their proposals. This feature is optional for those applying for our September 26, 2014 deadline. Email and hard copy proposals will still be accepted at this time.


  • Multiple individual accounts can be registered for one organization to account for staff and grant writers with various levels of editing capabilities.
  • You can save your work in the system and go back to it later before submitting your final to us.
  • Your organization’s current and previous online grant applications, awarded grants and report forms will be accessible to you at any time, 24 hours a day.

How to Get Started

We understand that those submitting an application for our July 11, 2014 deadline may have already begun drafting their applications. That is okay! If you would still like to try out this tool, the questions in the online application are exactly the same. It may be helpful to prepare your application and any required attachments prior to signing in to access our tool. You can easily copy and paste your answers into the system.

Step 1: It may be helpful to prepare your application content, and attachments, prior to beginning the online process. You may view our grant application PDF to view the questions.
Step 2: Read the Registration Instructions (PDF).
Step 3: Visit the portal to begin your online registration. Please allow 24 business hours for your new account to be accepted in the system before beginning your grant application.
Step 4: When your account registration is complete, log-in and visit the “Available Grants” page to begin the Community Grant application. You may save your work and revisit it until you formally submit the application.
Step 5: Tell us what you think!

We Want Your Feedback!

While we hope to make this new tool the main avenue for our nonprofit partners to apply for grant dollars in the future, it is still a work in progress. As we continue to fine-tune this process so that it is easy for you to use, we welcome your feedback. Please contact us at any time by calling David Kilpatrick at 315-422-9538 or

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