Twenty-Five Graduate from Leadership Training Program

June 8, 2011 (Syracuse, NY) – On the evening of June 7, twenty-five representatives from five local grassroots nonprofit organizations gathered at the CNY Philanthropy Center to celebrate their completion of The Leadership Classroom (TLC). The year-long program is an initiative of the Central New York Community Foundation. Participants learn advanced leadership skills alongside other neighborhood leaders in an interactive setting. After participating in monthly training sessions designed to enhance their leadership skills, each group received a $3,500 grant to implement a project proposed and planned during their training.

The Bhutanese Neighborhood Association will be creating traditional Bhutanese cultural dress that will be worn to reflect their unique identity and traditions at various community cultural events. The organization will also be setting up English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) classes for elders in their refugee community.

God’s Temple of Faith – Women’s Outreach Group will host a Neighborhood Resource Picnic and Block Party to bring the local community together while also distributing family and women’s health information. Health screenings and safety presentations will also be part of the event.

The Meachem Area Parks Association (MAPA) will create a small brick patio and seating area outside of the Bob Cecile Community Center. Patio bricks will be sold in memory of Valley residents as a fundraiser to support other MAPA events.

TNT Northside will host a community event that celebrates the wealth and diversity of the Northside of Syracuse. Games and activities for families will be partnered with outreach resources. The organization has partnered with twenty other organizations to help make this event impactful.

The Westside Arts Council will purchase planters and benches to be decorated by local artists and residents. Most will be placed within the Near Westside neighborhood and the remaining will be given to the other four organizations from this year’s TLC class to place in their own neighborhoods of the City.

As with previous years, TLC participants formed strong bonds with one another during the course of the training and described the skills they learned as invaluable.
“TLC helped us affirm our work and strengthen us to grow our purpose,” said Isaac Rothwell of the Westside Arts Council. “This has been a year of huge growth for our organizations and TLC was not just a catalyst, but also a stabilizer to keep us grounded.”

The Leadership Classroom is an initiative of the Central New York Community Foundation. The Community Foundation has served Central New York for over 80 years, receiving, managing and distributing charitable funds for the benefit of nonprofit organizations. Grants are awarded for programs in the areas of human services, arts and culture, education, environment, health, economic development and civic affairs. The region’s largest endowed philanthropic foundation, the Central New York Community Foundation awards more than $5 million in grants to nonprofit organizations annually. The Community Foundation, of 431 East Fayette Street, Syracuse, NY 13202, can be reached at (315) 422-9538 or

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