PACE Grantees Report Great Successes

October 28, 2010 (Syracuse, NY) – On September 22, the Community Foundation awarded $425,000 in final year funding to eighteen local arts and culture organizations that are part of the Program for Arts Capacity & Excellence initiative. PACE is a three-year program designed to encourage arts organizations to work on strategic organizational issues that will propel their institutions forward and build long-term sustainability. After a successful three-year pilot with three large arts organizations, we expanded the program in 2008 to other arts & cultural leaders seeking to strengthen their creative communities. These organizations decided to tackle a variety of issues such as audience development, operations and management, board governance and fundraising.

Two years into the program, these eighteen organizations are describing remarkable results, which demonstrate new capacities that will far outlast their grants. Here are some of the highlights that the organizations have reported.

“Our organization has shifted from a grass roots mindset to a model of thinking that reflects a business with goals and strategies to attain sustainability.”
~ Aubry Panek, Rarely Done Productions

“The Stage collaborated with photographer Brantley Carroll to create two stunning exhibits in our lobby that led to significant ticket sales, not to mention good will and good partnerships with the community.”
~ Jeff Woodward, Syracuse Stage

“We completely revamped our management structure, enabling us to better meet the administrative needs of our current programs and putting us in a stronger position for the future.”
~Phil Memmer, Arts Branch of the YMCA

“We met – and surpassed – our fundraising PACE goal, raising $300,000 in nine months.”
~ Dr. Sally Roesch Wagner, Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation

“We produced a Strategy Map for 2010-2015, with a new mission and vision. We identified nine goals across four areas of our operations to help us reach our vision.”
~ Susan Mark, Skaneateles Festival

“Through staff leadership, external trainings and the ability to hire a consultant, our board has a better understanding of its professional role.”
~ Katherine Keeney, Syracuse City Ballet

“We started operating as a business – recruiting a board of directors, establishing bylaws and a strategic plan, setting up accounting systems and customer databases.”
~ Jim Emmons, Syracuse Poster Project

“We designed a year-round schedule of call-a-thons, events, and special initiatives that have provided relief during troubled times and laid strong groundwork for the future.”
~ Larry Luttinger, CNY Jazz Arts Foundation

“The Museum is strengthening our outreach programs and reaching more children than ever through new partnerships.”
~ Tony Ortega, Museum of Science and Technology (MOST)

“Our board created a Development Plan that resulted in achieving our membership goals (both dollars and numbers of new members) which had been declining over the last several years.”
~ Pat Hoffman, Oneida Community Mansion House

“We are building the infrastructure and ability to stay in touch and respond to the needs of our community and individual supporters and partners.”
~ Geoff Navias, Open Hand Theater

“We created, from nothing, the structure of an internet based arts radio in Central New York.”
~ Mike Intaglietta, Red House Arts Center

“The Festival evaluated its structure and improved the marketing and delivery of its programs to more Central New Yorkers, especially school-aged children.”
~ Ronnie Bell, Shakespeare Festival

“Along with opening a community heritage shop, we are now using a database that connects our cultural activities with over 800 interested participants.”
~ Dot Willsey, Smithfield Community Association

“The Opera created a Resident Artist program that brings five young professionals to live and work in Syracuse, performing in both mainstage operas and taking programs out into the community.”
~ Cathy Wolff, Syracuse Opera

“The Symphony achieved its goal to increase subscriber retention by 10%. Deepening relationships with our patrons has resulted in an increased giving by individuals of 8.5%.”
~Whitney Snyder, Syracuse Symphony Orchestra

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