Peggy Ogden to step down as CEO in 2008

March 19, 2008 (Syracuse, NY) – When you ask Peggy Ogden to identify her proudest accomplishment in 24 years at the Community Foundation, she’s hard-pressed to name just one. The successes that have been achieved during her tenure, she’s quick to point out, are the work of many. But as she describes the evolution of the Community Foundation, she still beams like a proud parent.

“I feel confident that I am leaving the Community Foundation on a trajectory to continue its exponential growth,” says Ogden. “This organization’s strength will continue to be used to convene and connect people and resources in this community long into the future.”

Those words may sound like jargon, but there is much substance behind them. Under Peggy’s guidance, for example, the Neighborhood Leadership Training Program helped to equip over 175 everyday citizens with the tools and resources necessary to have a positive impact on the problems affecting their communities. Investing in these program graduates serves as an excellent example of the crucial role the Community Foundation plays in our community beyond the dollars that it grants.

The leadership program is just one small example of the development of the Community Foundation’s grantmaking from a strictly reactive model toward one of proactive involvement. In the 1990s there was a major program to increase the quality and quantity of childcare services. More recently, over $2 million has been invested to address the issue of literacy. The Community Foundation’s disciplined investment policies and strategies have become a model for other community endowments. Peggy has also worked closely with other area funders to increase the strategic impact of the charitable resources available to the community.

Peggy’s strong leadership has allowed the Community Foundation to broaden its reach and influence while also focusing on the internal processes necessary to be effective and responsible stewards of our community’s charitable dollars. Our community will be reaping the benefits of Peggy’s hard work and careful stewardship for years to come.

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